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What is WhatsApp

A WhatsApp Chatbot is a virtual assistant that can have a conversation on WhatsApp. It can be used for lead generation, customer support, marketing, research and more. It is possible to design it in order to accomplish a specific goal.

Company-Wide Use Cases For WhatsApp Chat Bot

Applicant Bot

Arms HR teams to shorten interview cycles with Bots that screen candidates, provide information about the company and work culture, answer questions about a job opening and schedule interviews.

Sales Bot

Free up Sales Reps time to close key deals with the S&M Bot which takes the load of responding to routine queries from prospects for product or service information and setting up meetings and demos.

Informational Bot

Creates informational bots where company can publish helpful information , often as push notifications, and include things like breaking news stories. It can be used for marketing data meant for public relation and marketing campaigns.


These bots run continuously in the background, primarily fetch data from other APIs or websites, and are “well-behaved” in that they respect directives you give them.

For example, you can “hide” your entire website from search engines by blocking search engine spiders in your site’s robots.txt file, keeping all of your site’s content out of Google or Bing, or Yandex, or whatever.

Business Card Bot

Convert your paper business card into an interactive bot that answers queries 24/7, tells the prospect about your company and starts an instant conversation with you when they need to connect for more.

Company Bot

Free up Sales Reps time to close key deals with the S&M Bot which takes the load of responding to routine queries from prospects for product or service information and setting up meetings and demos.

Transactional Bot

Bots in this category act as agents on behalf of humans, and interact with external systems to accomplish a specific transaction, moving data from one platform to another.

Entertainment bot:
Art bots, Game bots

Art bots are designed to be appreciated aesthetically. Video game bots function as characters, often for humans to play against or to practice and develop skills in first-person shooter games.

Why WhatsApp Chatbot?

Using WhatsApp Chatbot for your business opens the door for better communication – leading to better customer engagement, increased trust, and long-term customer relationships. This enables users to interact with your business without visiting your website or downloading a special app.

Reliably message your users anywhere in the world

Know the instant a message reaches your users. Real-time delivery and read receipts give you critical message delivery insights.

Communicate securely with customers

WhatsApp messages are encrypted from Twilio to the device, and secured over HTTPS from your application to Twilio, enabling private conversations with your users.

Deepen customer trust with branded messaging

Your WhatsApp branded business identity serves as a familiar face users see when you message them, increasing their trust in you and loyalty to your business.

What you can do with WhatsApp Chatbot

Upgrade Your Customer Service

Rich media, instant response, 24*7 uptime and a very intuitive interface - all take your customer service to the next level and help you retain customers.

Send Contextual Response, (Automatically)

With WhatsApp chatbot integration, you can send instant response to your customers' queries automatically, at any given time of the day.

Scale Up Engagement Rate

Interact with your customers on the platform they most frequently use, thereby driving up your engagement rate.

Convert More Leads

With an average open rate of 98%, a text message on WhatsApp is more likely to convert your leads than any other platform.

Send Personalized Notifications

Send targeted notifications such as delivery updates, booking reminders, invoices, order confirmations and other such important updates.

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