Boosting sales for retail brands & shopping malls using Internet of Things mobility and cloud solutions

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Collision Conference US
PLuGHiTz Interaction of Freedom Desi: Empowering the offline retail ecosystem for using new aged devices, IoT devices & Mobile Applications for reaching out to the shoppers.


Marketing Effectiveness

Determine the best marketing strategy for your business to achieve positive results in both the short and long term.

Optimize Store Operations

Identify the best operating hours to maximize sales opportunity with better services to increase customer satisfaction.

Customer Loyalty & Engagement

With the ability to quantify the loyalty of your existing customer base (based on number of retuning customers & cross shoppers)

Staff Planning

Deploy staff more effectively to align with the customer traffic at different hours of the day to find out the best shopper-to-staff ratio.

Monitor Sales Conversion

Knowing how many of your customers actually buy, by looking at the sales data.


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