Business Intelligence Solution

Business Intelligence is essential for organizations that believe in adapting quickly to market changes and customer requirements.

Swaran Soft's BI Team delivers you Business Intelligence Dashboards and Balanced Scorecards to analyze operational processes and corporate performance management issues. We comprehensively leverage BI technology to deliver better end-user productivity to access, integrate, and deliver data across the enterprise.

Our dashboards and reports will display configurable industry-specific KPIs in easy to understand way for the business users which will help in higher decision making. We have a proven track record of BI implementation for Dashboards, Scorecards and Reports.

How we do

We leverage BI technology to deliver better end-user productivity to integrate access and thus, deliver data throughout the enterprise. Our dashboards help to represent KPIs in an easy way for business user in order to accelerate decision making.

To provide business intelligence with the help of data mining, reports are provided on the top of this layer.We have far-reaching experience while exercising it for Admin, Support, Development, QA and Migration.

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