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Create smart Email Bot for scheduling and efficient inbox delivery service

In today’s world when everyone is using digital tools to communicate then rules of digital world must be adhered. Schools & Institutions should build Privacy Compliant Communication Channels.

our bot engine works seamlessly Without changing even, a single step in how you writes email and no need to learn any new software functionality.


Our’s Web Application provides best in class features for sending the group emails with cutting edge out of the box functionalities like delivery notification, ensuring security, anonymity and within real-time operation.

Group Email

User (teacher) will be able to send group email by only sending email to one email address which is mapped to assigned class.

Contact List

Turn your contacts into groups using our group creation functionality secured using encryption.

Tracking and Reports

Track real time performance and measure delivery i.e when the receiver has received the mail and more insights.

Proven Deliverability

Spam management, dedicated IP options and email authentication for better deliverability of mass email.

Why Institution & Corporate Communication Bot?

Our robust Cloud based Email Bot which handles

Controlled Content & Email Administration

Users' (Parent/ Student/ Teacher) Data Protection

Statistical Analysis of Usability & Readability

Data Privacy & Protection - Cloud software as a Service

Ensure Inbox Delivery to individuals or group mailing list using World’s 1st & Fastest Emailing Service.

The email delivery is done using secure connection with mailing list using E-Mail BOT & sends html, txt or hybrid email.

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