Managed Cloud Services

You Choose the Clouds. We'll Manage Them for You.
With cloud managed services from us you get full support
of the world’s leading cloud platforms, saving you the pain
and complexity of doing it yourself. Whatever your cloud mix,
we'll help you get the most out of It.

Leverage our End to End Expertise

What is Managed Cloud?

To manage their money, they open an online brokerage account and spend time researching investments and portfolio theory. To maintain their cars, they change their own fluids and filters and tires, and devote hours to reading manuals and ordering parts.

But investment vehicles and motor vehicles alike get increasingly complex. At some point, most busy, successful people and busy, successful businesses — find it wise to focus on what they do best and let specialists do the rest. That’s a big part of the appeal of managed cloud.

What is a managed
cloud services provided?

Managed cloud allows each customer to choose which IT functions it wishes to manage in-house, while leaving all the rest to its service provider. Managed cloud services can include infrastructure and application level support.

A managed cloud services provider like us offers its customers big economies of expertise. The provider’s engineers manage not only the customers’ computing, storage, networks, and operating systems, but also the complex tools and application stacks that run on top of that infrastructure. These include the latest databases and ecommerce platforms, as well as DevOps automation tools.

Public Cloud

Multi-tenant environment with pay-as-you-grow scalability, ideal for heavy or unpredictable traffic.

Private Cloud

Single tenant environment – dedicated servers or virtualization- for maximum security, in or out of your data center.

Hybrid Cloud

Connect public clouds, private clouds, and/or traditional dedicated servers for an individual application.


Rely on multiple cloud providers – such as AWS®, Microsoft®, Google Cloud Platform®, OpenStack® and VMware® - for multiple applications.

Managed cloud services include, at the infrastructure level:

Tools & Technologies

DevOps automation tools: Chef, Puppet, Salt, Ansible, LogStash, etc.

Application deployment, scaling and lifecycle management

Specialized database management: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Hadoop, etc.

Managed virtualization on VMware vCloud.

Management of Microsoft apps: SharePoint, Exchange email, Lync, etc.

OpenStack Private Cloud deployment and management.

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