Crew Management

Swaran Soft crew management solutions can help you to improve operational stability, maximize schedule safety, and even create opportunities to improve your crew’s quality of life.
  • Centralized Staff Directory with basic and advanced search options.
  • Competency and Periodical Medical Examination information and due alerts.
  • Employee’s award and penalty records with detailed information.
  • Complete penalty process according disciplinary rules.
  • Online Grievance and Suggestions with resolution process update.
  • Complete transfer process with relieving and joining updates.
  • Promotion reports for management’s quick decisions process.
  • Dynamic role management for control over access permissions in system.
  • Global topic bank with topic categories, topic types and topic duration details.
  • Multiple tags association with topics for easy to search in planning process.
  • Weekly training schedule with maximum flexibility options and color coding in daily schedule.
  • Drag and drop feature in topics, date and time for manage existing training schedules.
  • Training feedback with star rating of each training session with multiple parameters and suggestions.
  • Training monitoring records and loss of learning information of each missed topic by trainees.
  • Training comparison with existing training templates for completion of trainings.
  • Training invitations by management and training applications by trainees for upcoming trainings.
  • Global question bank with objective (single choice, multiple choice, pattern matching) and subjective questions.
  • Multiple tags association with questions for easy to search in question paper creation process.
  • Single choice, multiple choices and pattern matching questions for online examination.
  • List of online and offline question papers for scheduling of particular examination.
  • Examination schedules for online and offline examinations with passing percentage, passing grade percentage and negative marking information.
  • Option for storing records of offline examination scores.
  • Online and offline examination results.
  • Customize Roster & Trip chart for train operation with import feature from excel sheet.
  • Duty shift master with sign-on and sign-off details for crew control office staff.
  • Staff availability and unavailability information in different unavailability categories.
  • System generated projected roster according previous planned and executed roster information.
  • Create, freeze and execute duty roster option for advance planning of duties.
  • Drag and drop feature for easy to plan the train operator staff duty roster.
  • Comparison for freeze v/s executed duty roster for effective planning of duty rosters.
  • Cab pickup and cab drop information cab staff and employees.
  • Separate depot roster information for trains starts from train depot.
  • Biometric attendance machine integration with thumb impression or proximity card.
  • Scheduled session wise attendance and full day attendance in each training.
  • Customized attendance rules integration for trainees and trainer attendance.
  • Manual attendance feature in case of failure of biometric attendance machines.
  • Attendance through kiosk with breath analyzer integration and accessed through CMS application.
  • Centralized system for check all the attendance machines working status.
  • Different type of performance inspections available for train operators.
  • User defined performance skills and scales like cab, ambush, break.
  • Need to Improvement & Need Based Training options with follow up details.
  • Matrix chart for inspection details is available. This includes the date, time and the details of the inspection supervisor.
  • Monthly caliber assessment and performance grades.
  • Online updating and acknowledgement of documents / notices.
  • Document Status can be checked by the supervisor. An organized check can be kept about total no. of members who have received and assured the documents / Notices.
  • Document tracker with mail-in/mail-out feature.
  • Detailed Reports are visible regarding the information pertaining to documents, as entered into the system.
  • Group Email and SMS feature.
  • Dashboard announcements with auto start & stop with dates.
  • Different types of monthly claims with status tracking.
  • Hard duty and night duty allowance calculation.
  • Gazette holiday and national holiday allowance calculation.
  • Complete asset procurement with approval details.
  • Material input with purchase order, bill and vendor information.
  • Material out feature is available which keeps track of all the assets that enter into the archived or maintenance unit.
  • Asset allocation and acknowledgement.
  • Asset inventory for store and individual crew control.
  • Asset request, asset lost and asset return feature.
  • Alerts for asset warranty and AMC details.
  • Records for daily assets and radio tetra positioning.
  • Reports from the entire modules as per requirements.
  • Reports with export and print features.
  • Software log time reports for individual users. Search and filter option available date-wise, month-wise or year-wise.
  • Types of reports may include bio data of the employees, leave status of the employees, duty roster reports, attendance reports of faculty and trainees, etc.
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