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An extensive solutions to real estate businesses, benefited from our expert and intact IT solutions and web based plans.

While proposing a real estate e-solution to our clients we first ask them to list down their procedural particulars and what all they want with the automated system. This is because every construction company or dealer wants to keep the theme of their business targeted and operate on predefined scale because of high investments and leverage of their efficiency and scope of delivering value to their prospective sources.

Based on this approach we have provided extensive solutions to real estate businesses, which in return have benefited from our expert and intact IT solutions and web based plans.

Our real estate solutions have helped businesses to manage, plan, view, archive, annotate, share, present, print and send building plans. It has also provided a consolidated landscape to integrate their data and processes and utilize it for a better operational efficiency covering all key functional areas like:

Case Modules :

Case Studies
Business Requirement

Tulip Infratech, one of the leading names in Indian Real Estate, wanted to address the basic challenges of communication & customer relation management using IT. The organization grew from brick by brick for which the solutions & strategy were needed to be designed to fit the same. Need for IT was to collaborate on email, project management, customer relationship management, lead generation with the use of internet, social media & mobile.

Our Solution

We started with basic web presence strategy by creating an effective social campaign using subscriber based reach out programs like monthly newsletters. Thereafter we graduated the users for Zimbra as a collaboration tool for email messaging. CRM & extensive usage of analytics ensured customer effective value for their investments.


Tulip's customer queries dropped by huge percentage & led funnel shot up. Effective engagement using creative contests around IPL Season gave viable digital presence to its brand image. Company has today launched more than 12 real estate projects & Swaran Soft has been instrumental in its success journey so far.

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