Feet on Street

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Feet on Street

Feet on street is a one stop solution for tracking your sales team’s feet on street. You can get their attendance report along with location details, journey plans and market visit details.


Notice Board
  • Share important information in one click.
  • Organize details according to user.
  • Admin can add, update and delete the notice board information.
  • Mark attendance along with details like (Market visit, survey, campaign)
  • Mark as a full day or half day
  • Mark your day as casual leave
  • Apply for planned leave
  • Holiday list
Journey Plan
  • Plan FR (Field Representative) monthly visits
  • FR can filled for next month between scheduled date
  • Requested plan can be modified, disapprove or approved by admin
  • Details for planned visit and actual visit
Market Visit
  • Details of every customer visited
  • Customer visit information
  • Visit details submission time along with location
  • Add new customer functionality if customer not in list
  • Step wise data submission (Customer details, Submission location, Visit details & query submission)
Add Customer
  • Add new customer at the time of market visit
  • Save data on offline mode
  • Customer added on temporarily basis, final approval depends on admin
  • Save market visit details for newly added customer as well.
  • Mirror of Field representative performance
  • Show the market visit details (Day or month wise)
  • Customizable according to your perspective
Important SMS
  • Share important message at any time with one click
  • Template based and customizable SMS format
  • User type selection and single user selection functionality
Sync Data
  • Amazing feature of FOS used in offline to online data submission
  • Upload your offline data on server when connected with internet
Admin Reports
  • Reports will be configured according to user requirement

Case Study

The Feet On Street shall provide integrated software solutions for day to day tracking of Marketing Executive & ATS Executive for NGK Sparkplug. This application reduces the time & money consumption and increase the efficiency of ME & ATS tracking. Now NGK using FOS for tracking the steps of their field employees. Share the important information on one click with all field employees (can also select the employee type). They know about the attendance details along with full day/ half day & marking location of their ME, ATS. Planning and managing for monthly market visit was never so easy, now NGK Admin can easily manage the monthly market visit plan for whole ME & ATS as well. Here admin can also check the repeated visit on same customer for audit purpose.

NGK can easily understand the profit or loss details of Field representative work with FOS. Getting special reports for market share and market position on monthly basis is not easy task, but they can do it with FOS as easy as order taking process. Now maintaining the market survey, service, order details are very easy and effective with FOS. Anytime admin can convey a message with All field employees (User type & Employee wise) on a single click.

Every organization needs a dashboard for their performance; History module of FOS has same functionality. ME, ATS can check the details of their market work for previous month or whole year. ME can also add a new customer in database even they are in market. On this customer entry admin can take last approval to save or discard. ME & ATS makes entry for market visit against newly added customer. Sometime field representative are in backward rural area where internet connection availability is zero. FOS works on that stage smoothly as it has offline mode functionality. Field representative can sync the details when they have internet connection.



  • Get exact field representative location
  • Easily attendance tracking and record maintenance
  • Market share and stock details around zero cost
  • Easy marketing communication
  • Real time market data
  • Easy journey plan & request
  • Auto expense & order calculation
  • Unlimited number of Field representative registration
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