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Swaran Soft has been providing its solutions and services to multiple publishing companies in US, UK, Australia, South Africa and Asia. Swaran Soft has excelled in providing software solutions as well as its BPO and XML services to these companies.

Swaran Soft Team has a vast experience of generation and manipulation of almost all of the XML schemas that are being used in publishing industry for content storage.

Swaran Soft's wide range of solutions and services for publishing industry include:

  • CRM Applications
  • Workflow and Document Management Solutions
  • Project Management Solutions
  • Content Rendering Solutions - PDF, HTML, XML
  • E-Books Solutions
  • Mobile E-Books Solutions
  • XML Services and Solutions
  • Pre-Press Services
  • Data Digitization Services
  • Typesetting
  • Conversion & Repro Services
  • E-Publishing
  • Editorial Services
  • Graphic Design & Artwork
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Content Management Solutions

Case Studies

Business Requirement was intended to be an e-commerce web portal of research reports for Auto Industry. Company has pool of researchers, analyst & managers operating from various parts of globe. It was required to develop a web portal & content management system to have collaborative environment of work.

Our Solution

Our techies have been instrumental enough to create ae-commerce platform using ASP & SQL both for Website & CMS. The website thereafter has been upgraded to & SQL 2008 with various BI logics & new programs.Corporate licensing based on IP based model & intranet access via AES encryption were few strong innovations for IHS Global Insight.


We handled the e-commerce process from few reports to few million dollars of sales annually. The company was acquired in 2008 by worlds No.1 research house IHS & thereafter we are serving the same brand under IHS brand.

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