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Telecom industry is experiencing a rapid change for last ten years which is compelling them to use latest solutions & services in order to remain competitive in the cut throat market.

Swaran Soft has been providing its solutions and services to multiple telecom companies in US, Europe, South Africa and Asia-Pacific. Swaran Soft has the right combination of technical as well as functional knowledge to uniquely address the telecom industry needs while providing these appropriate solutions.

A perfect blend of technical & functional knowledge is exercised in all the service offerings of Swaran Soft that include but are not limited to:

  • BI Solutions
  • Call KPI Dashboards
  • Self-Service Customer Portals
  • Content Management Systems
  • Network Health Check Real-time Dashboards
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • EAI and other Integrations
  • Sales Data Analysis
  • Subscriber Enrollment Process Backend Processing

Case Studies

Business Requirement

Nucleus technologies, a mobile manufacturing company wanted to connect with the smart phone audience via an internet medium where in they can interact with the audience on various social and trending issues with just one click. The idea was to enable the audience to access the vastness of the internet with one click and even less hassels.

Our Solution

We came up with an idea : YUP!. We proposed Yup! As an app that can enable the audience to message/Ping each other using just one click. The app is a zero character input app. Where in predefined short messages can be sent to the contacts with a click. The app also made available a vast array of internet services on a click of button.


Since its inception and go live the app has received recognition from many media houses as a fast interaction and internet service rendering app. The app had seen 1.5 million plus downloads with the first three months of it Go Live.

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