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Swaran Soft has extensive experience of providing solutions and services to various Automobile Manufacturers, Vendors & Ancillaries, Dealers and Automotive Products Companies.

Swaran Soft is dedicated to address the needs of automotive industry by providing high-quality and affordable IT solutions and services while utilizing a combination of on-site, off-site and offshore methodology.

Some of the key services that can be provided by Swaran Soft are:

  • CRM Solutions
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Dealer Management and Rating Systems
  • Composite Applications
  • Warranty Management Applications
  • MS Dynamics Implementations and Solutions
  • BI Solutionss
  • Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions
  • Dealer Search Mobile Applications (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Blackberry)

Case Studies

Business Requirement

HMSI's marketing department handles the creative merchandising of all India dealer outlets, whenever there is a product launch or event at local or pan India level, creative were sent using CD/DVDs via postal mode. This was huge cost & delay in logistics usually cause missing of deadlines. HMSI approached us for finding a way using IT.

Our Solution

We drafted a concept of Digital Asset Management where in users from HMSI can upload the finalised creative of each event , product launch i.e Dangler , Standees etc which can further be downloaded at dealers end using secure passwords.


HMSI's logistics & creative management came online, this made communication easier with channel & also creative searching and archival gave them complete control over digital asset management. Today client has complete control over which dealer have downloaded what all creative.

If you are looking for Digital Asset Management for your organisation , write to us : or contact us.

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