Crew Management System

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Crew Management System

Crew Management System is a unique online tool to collaborate the various operation processes. This state of art application will bring a transparent platform for management and employees.


In this module all type of data related to company, department, stream, designation, location, classroom, holiday, shift, assets, competency etc can be managed.
  • Centralized Employee Directory with basis and advance serach options.
  • Compaentency and Periodical Medical Examination information and due alerts.
  • Employee's awrad and penalty records with detailed information.
  • Complete penalty process according disciplinary rules.
  • Online Grievance and Suggestions with resloution process update.
  • Complete transfer process with relieving and joining updates.
  • Promotion reports for management's quick decisions process.
  • Customize Roster & Trip chart for train operation with import feature from excel sheet.
  • Duty shift master with sign-on sign-off details for crew control office staff.
  • Staff availabolity and unavailability information in different unavailability categories.
  • System generated projected roster according previous planned and executed roster information.
  • Create, freeze and execute duty roster option for advance planning of duties.
  • Drag and drop feature for easy to plan the train operator staff duty roster.
  • Comparison for freeze v/s executed duty roster for effective planning of duty rosters.
  • Cab pickup and cab drop information cab staff and employees.
  • Separate depot roster information for trains dtarts from train depot.
  • Global topic bank with topic categories, topic types and topic duration details.
  • Multiple tags association with topics for easy to search in planning process.
  • Weekly training schedule with maximum flexibility options and color coding in daily schedule.
  • Drag and drop feature in topics, date and time for manage existing training schedules.
  • Training feedback with star rating of each training session with multiple parameters and suggestions.
  • Training monitoring records and loss of learning information of each missed topic by trainees.
  • Training comparison with existing training templates for completion of trainings.
  • Training invitations by management and training applications by trainees for upcoming trainings.
  • Online updating and acknowledgement of documents / notics.
  • Document Status can be checked by the supervisor. An organized check can be kept about total no. of members who have received and assured the documents/ notics.
  • Document tracker with mail-in/ mail-out feature. Detailed Reports are visible regarding the information pertaining to documents, as entered into the system.
  • Group email and SMS feature.
  • Dashboard announcements with auto start & stop with dates.
  • Different types of monthly claims with status tracking.
  • Hard duty and night duty allowance calculation.
  • Gazette holiday and national holiday allowance calculation.
  • Complete asset procurement with approval details.
  • Material input with purchase order, bill and vendor information.
  • Material out feature is available which keeps track of all the assets that enter into the archived or maintenance unit.
  • Asset allocation and acknowledgement.
  • Asset inventory for store and individual crew control.
  • Asset request, asset lost and asset return feature.
  • Alerts for asset warranty and AMC details.
  • Records for daily assets and radio tetra positioning.
  • Dynamic role management for control over access permissions in systems.
  • Define Dynamic Roles and Notification Authority.
  • Transfer Request
  • Leave Request
  • Asset Request
  • Asset Return
  • TO Statement
  • Monthly Claims
  • Grievance/Suggestion
  • Online Examination
  • Reports from the entire modules as per requirements.
  • Reports with export and print features.
  • Types of reports may include bio-data of the employee , Leave status of the employees, attendance reports of staff.

Case Study

The Crew Management System shall provide integrated software solutions for day to day working of Crew Control Offices and Crew Management Office at various locations in DMRC connected with a centralized server at Shastri Park. The day to day working shall include generation of daily roster, generation of trip charts, attendance, observance of operation regulations, training & refresher course of staff, leave management, claim management, performance evaluation system, grievance management, input of various data as per extant procedures, report creation & generation and other activities, meticulously designed for minimizing manual work, enhancing efficiency & optimizing usage of resources



  • Improve productivity and insight.
  • Automatic storage of all staff safety and operational certification, with expiry warnings.
  • System mobility, allowing an individual’s records to follow him or her from One Location to Other.
  • Better planning of staff deployment.
  • Business Rules Management.
  • Special competency & qualifications
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