Channel Management System

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Channel Management System

Channel Management System is a one stop solution for Partner (Distributors) and reseller Management. This state of art application will bring a platform which helps in managing Partners activity from On-Boarding to Reseller management.


Rights Management
  • Channel Management System will provide the flexibility to change the structure of the portal.
  • Organization can manage module, products, user and their roles according to their business needs.
  • Our system will make interaction between organization and partner network efficient and transparent.
  • Right management will facilitate partner on board process and we can build the process on the basis of requirements of organization.
  • Right management module will allow organizations to disseminate business information like
Partner On-boarding
  • On-boarding hierarchy management
  • Applicant request platform
  • Online document submission
  • Updates on every stage
  • Auto request forwarding & E-mail updates
  • Internal communication & immediate document sharing
  • Credential sharing with partner after successful on-boarding
Training Management
  • Training plan request & approval
  • Training inventory management
  • Training invitation by management
  • Training Updates for Partners
  • Training attendance update
  • Training feedback taken by trainer
  • Gift & price distribution by management
Marketing Communication (MARCOM):
  • Training videos accessibility
  • Existing product pricelist information
  • Pricelist updates
  • Newly launched product updates
  • Newly launched scheme updates
  • On-going scheme reminder
  • One to one communication by admin
Event & Advertisement Management
  • Event planning and details
  • Send request to management for planned event
  • Request for required event material
  • Auto forwarding event request
  • Request status & updates
  • Requested material tracking
  • Post event details sharing
Claim Management
  • Send event claim request to management
  • Request for advertisement claim to management
  • Auto assignment of request
  • Requested claim status updates
  • Auto request forwarding
  • Claim request status & updates
Lead Management
  • Lead filtration
  • Auto assignment
  • Lead allocation & execution
  • Status & updates
  • Feedback and verification
  • Reassignment
Sub-User Management
  • Creation of sub-user at Partner (Distributors) end
  • Modules assignment
  • Uses report
  • Data security
  • Separate login
  • Repost access on requirement
Reseller management
  • Reseller creation
  • Overall reseller sales details
  • Separate reseller sales details
  • Inventory management
  • End-to-end connectivity
  • Sales dashboard
  • Reseller performance
Channel Speak
  • A local social media platform
  • Post a private question for specific person or department
  • Ideas sharing
  • One to one communication for all stakeholders
  • Instant problem solving platform
  • Information availability for 24*7
  • Reports from the entire modules as per requirements.
  • Reports with export and print features.

Case Study

The Channel Management System shall provide integrated software solutions for day to day working of Partners (Distributers) & reseller for Konica Minolta. This application reduces the time & money consumption and increase the efficiency of on-boarding process. Now KM use Channel Management for partner on-boarding by sending a quick link for filling the required details. Whole process is completed in couple of days instead of months. Through CMS training of newly joined partners are very easy, Partners can request for training and management schedule the training according to the requirement. Partners can view the training schedule and make sure their availability. MARCOM helps partners to keep updated regarding company products and schemes. It also provides the post training videos for best performance and revision.

To plan an event and advertisement will never so easy before CMS, Partners can plan an event and send the details to management for approval. Management mark their approval step by step and partner get informed for the same. Then partner claim for even & advertisement expense and all the process goes in defined flow. Lead can also be managed by the CMS; it has filtration facility to filter the lead according to location. Lead can be assigned and execute manually as well. Sub-user, reseller creation & management make easy with CMS. Partners can connect & share their ideas publically as well as privately with channel speak.



  • Save time & money on partners on-boarding
  • Online training request and updates
  • Training information and availability
  • Easy marketing communication
  • Real time scheme and price updates
  • Easy event plan & request
  • Live event & advertisement material tracking
  • Auto claim calculation
  • Online claim request and approval
  • Lead assignment, execution & management
  • Unlimited sub-user facility for each partner
  • Reseller & inventory management
  • Internal communication and idea sharing platform
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