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Q. Where does Swaran Soft Solutions have offices?

Ans. Swaran Soft Solutions is a global IT consulting, technology services and outsourcing company with offices and operations in more than 4 countries namely USA, UK, Luxembourg and India.

Q. What business problem is Swaran Soft Solutions solving?

Ans. Swaran Soft Solutions is committed to helping businesses improve the profitability of their software and web application development and deployment by enabling easy scalability, ensuring consistent response times and dramatically lowering software designing and development costs and complexity. Swaran Soft is addressing:

  • New software application dynamics, such as web applications, mobile and web services
  • Enterprise solutions on content management, CRM, SCM and ERP.
  • Business and customer demands for scalability, performance and near-perfect reliability and availability

Q. How can we trust in your efficiency and commitment to deliver?

Ans. Swaran Soft Solutions has been successful with every project that it has handled till date. We have 100% customer retention rate since the last few years. Every project runs through a streamlined quality process before it gets delivered. We use highly evolved project development and management techniques to manage ongoing Projects from the commencement of the project to the final delivery. These tools give us a better control to monitor the project, its modules and the resources working on it, all through its lifecycle.

Q. What are the risks involved in offshore dedicated development, and how do you answer them?

Ans. Prima facie we see four types of risks involved during the remote software development:

  • Firstly, there are likely risks of completeness of requirements, improper planning, improper managing and development processes. At Swaran Soft, all these risk issues are catered with utter alertness so that there are no chances of failure.
  • Secondly, the other risk factor is of improper communication between our teams and clients. We have learned to create a framework with high response mechanism between Swaran Soft team members and client project coordinators ensuring all requests from clients' side are responded and none are left unanswered.
  • One of the most important risks that we manage well is on agreement and contract terms. Responsibilities, payments and other arrangements have to be well made-up, safeguarding both sides.
  • Finally, it boils down to managing the expectations well and hence Swaran Soft follows the strategy of setting up the right expectation with its clients. If we say we will deliver then we ensure we deliver as per plan.

Q. How is client confidentiality and information proprietorship handled?

Ans. Swaran Soft Solutions handles the above by entering in to mutually agreed contract that covers vital clauses on:

  • Security & Confidentiality
  • IPR Protection
  • Highly inclusive Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Network security and
  • Exchanged Material security (Document/Content/Images etc.)

Q. Can I engage locally with a manager whom I can meet on regular basis?

Ans. Swaran Soft Solutions mostly operates in regions where it has a geographical presence and representatives. If we have a representative in your region we can assign him to your account and a regular time can be set for meetings/ updates from your end that our representative can follow.

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